How to create a Module in Enterprise.CMS
It's important to understand the Enterprise.CMS Module system before start programming.
Each module is it's own project and can easily be installed by adding a reference in Enterprise.ClientWeb.
Once you created or downloaded a new Module it can immediately be used when added as a reference.

A module must contain:
Namespace Enterprise.Modules
Assembly name Enterprise.[MyModuleName]
The Modules dataclass for eg. HtmlContent.cs
A UserControl with a name same as the Module name, for eg HtmlContent.ascx with a code behind classname _HtmlContent
A module must inherit Module<T> to be validated as a module
A module must override Active and RewritePrefix

Quick guide for developers
Add a [ModuleName].cs to a new project in Solution folder "Modules"
Set default namespace Enterprise.Modules and Assembly name Enterprise.[ModuleName].
Add the Usercontrols to the new assembly as "Embedded Resource" to iclude it into the build.

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